art p r o j e c t

The art installation 'RISING SEAS' aims to draw attention to the rise of the sea level in a unique way. A visual wake-up call with a wink.

The climate is changing, we know that by now. Climate change is also on the agenda in politics, but actions are only reluctantly getting off the ground. It is now 1 past 12 and the clock is ticking faster and faster. Stopping climate change is not an option anymore. Adapting our own (living) environment to reduce the consequences of climate change is a possibility!

But first, everyone has to be fully aware of the dramatic consequences if we don't act now. We visualize this through providing a large apartment and commercial buildings with their very last way out when the water reaches our lips.

All boats will carry the name of one of the long list of cities that will be affected by the rising waters worldwide.

Therefore we will create our art project:



“By 2050, 1.6 billion people in more than 970 cities will be regularly exposed to heat waves. More than 800 million people in 570 cities will be exposed to sea level rise and coastal flooding, and 650 million people in 500 cities will face water scarcity.

But the indirect consequences also affect huge numbers of city dwellers: 2.5 billion people in 1,600 cities see their food security as threatened and the energy supply of 470 million people is at risk."


NASA 6 m seal level rise

(source: NASA)